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 Roscoe's Rules in Business 24/7

  1. Set daily goals and at the end of the day, determine whether you have met those goals.

        Check them off your list.

A. Never set goals if you believe they are not obtainable. 

B. Make sure these are your goals and that they are not dependent on anyone else to accomplish.

    2. Be honest with others, but more importantly be honest with yourself.

    3. Respect yourself, but more importantly respect others.

    4. Listen, but more importantly listen for what is not being said.

    5. Follow up with potential clients, to include to include the following;

A. Return phone calls in a timely manner

B.Return text or emails at a decent time frame

C.Empty your voicemail box

6. Be on time for appointments.

A. Appointments could translate into money

B. More importantly, showing respect for the client's time.

C. Make it an internal policy to be at your appointment at least an hour early.This will also allow you to gather your thoughts and be better prepared for your meeting.

7. Do not take on projects that you cannot handle on your own. Never mislead anyone to think you can do something that you cannot do. 

8. Do your homework, research, and be factual.

9. Network and associate with people or organizations that bring value to you or your organization. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

10. Be visible and engaged in community projects and business organizations.

11. Develop a marketing brand for your company. Have courage. Take a stand for what you believe in, even if others are going in a different direction. Make time for yourself and family.



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