Meet Fred Hill




Who is Fred Hill?

D.C. Ward 8's next City Councilman

An active resident of Ward 8 for more than 25 years, Fred Hill is running for the District of Columbia City Council to officially represent his community.   Over the years he has earned the trust and respect of neighbors and opinion leaders throughout the Ward.  In a volunteer capacity, behind the scenes, he has been a key mover, motivator and visionary identifying challenges and pressing to bring about positive change. 

Fred Hill has proven over and over that he has the commitment, passion and know-how to take his seat at the council table with a strategic plan for Ward 8.  This is who he is:

FRED HILL is a Successful Businessman.  With more than 400 employees, all Ward 8 residents, Fred knows it takes a team of citizens working cooperatively to achieve prosperity.  Fred wants to expand the educational and training opportunities that lead to living-wage jobs. He believes in being informed and relentless when it comes to pursuing excellence. Fred’s own company employs workers in six states. He has received Top 100 small business awards from Prince Georges County and from Goldman Sachs. Fred has the kind of practical experience, grit and determination that Ward 8 needs to move forward.

FRED HILL has 30 years of Experience in Construction and Housing.   He has served for as the Chief Division Manager at the D. C. Department of Housing and Community Development where he addressed housing code violations affecting senior citizens, including home repair and handicapped accessibility. His many skills include contract negotiation. Who better to negotiate the types of affordable housing contracts that will benefit the residents of Ward 8? 

FRED HILL is a Cancer Survivor and Thriver.  He knows the faith and fortitude it takes stay positive in the face of dire consequences.  He can translate that fearlessness on behalf of the quality of life he wants to see for his community.


FRED HILL is a Devoted Family Man. As husband to Renita, as a father and grandfather, Fred is concerned about families.  He speaks out about housing abandonment, community safety, access to health services and pipelines in the community to fresh and healthy foods.









FRED HILL Believes that Ward 8 Deserves Better.  Ward 8 residents have had enough, he says.  “The community has been overlooked, stigmatized and divided for too long.”   With his love for the Ward in which he lives, Fred is confident that he can influence District Government to bring hope, trust and opportunity back to the Ward 8. Fred’s tireless work ethic and verifiable record of personal and business achievements make him the right choice for all the right reasons.







(Visioning Outcomes In Community Engagement)

Residents are seeking immediate action to initiate goals around mobilizing and engagement. The community is aware that they are key stakeholders in this election process and want to be fully educated on relevant issues and the relationship between gentrification and community transformation.

Fred Hill goal as a candidate for Ward 8 DC Council is to facilitate community learning and earning. To provide daily exchange that will help residents acquire knowledge of the current form of government. Hill believes by attending to the peoples needs, experiences and feelings. He then is allowed to intervene so that residents learn about important information that will help them make more informed decisions and eventually fulfill the needs of all Ward 8 residents with the focus on collective issues.


  • Education is among the community's highest priorities, My team and I  have identified cognitive support to help residents overcome the barriers that involves the  educational system poor results in testing and low-outcomes amongst the black students in Ward 8, which in most cases lead to unemployment. Some of these issues can be met with home economics courses & vocational training. 


  • We have gathered evidence of needs and the available resources, We will use this to uphold the purpose for sustainable 24 hour emergency care in the Ward neighborhoods where the uses are compatible.



  • We am looking forward to continually grasping ways to work together as a diverse culturally sensitive community, using clear procedures to enable residents to work around conflict with one another efficiently and effectively.



Through feedback and monitoring the set standards we will evaluate whether the engagement meets its purpose. Sharing the results to the wider community, businesses, agencies and organizations affected positively or negatively, will provide accountability for all outcomes and refer back to the vision and plan to reenact action!


Fred is asking for your Vote as the Ward 8 D. C. City Councilman on Tuesday, November 3,
2020 General Election ballot.

“Together We Are Stronger.”

Fred Hill