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The historic Anacostia neighborhood is the oldest in the ward, having been founded as Uniontown, one of Washington’s first suburbs, in 1854. It has a variety of wood frame and brick houses and townhouses, as well as grander homes such as Cedar Hill, the Frederick Douglass House (pictured at right). Further south is the neighborhood of Congress Heights, which has the largest commercial area in the ward, which runs along Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X Avenues, as well as a number of garden apartments and single-family bungalows. Washington Highlands is located further south, and is home to many apartment complexes, as well as new single-family homes at Walter Washington Estates.

The neighborhood of Bellevue sits at the far southern end of the District, and has many garden apartments, one high-rise apartment building and some 1940's era detached homes with yards. Ward 8 also has several large federal and local institutions. Bolling Air Force Base, for example, is in many ways a small town of its own, stretching along the Anacostia riverfront. Saint Elizabeths Hospital is a large campus with sweeping views of the city. The Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant and DC Village both take up significant acreage at the southern tip of the city. The Ward has some of the district's largest green spaces, including Oxon Run Park, Fort Stanton, Anacostia Park, and Shepard Parkway.

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A



Housing Resource Center, DHCD
1800 Martin Luther King, Jr Ave. SE
(Corner of MLK and Good Hope Road)

Meeting Date: 1st Tuesday, 7 pm


SMD Name Address Phone Email
8A01 Holly Muhammad 1936 Naylor Road SE #102
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 422-4957
8A02 Barbara J. Clark 1620 Ridge Place SE
Washington, DC 20020
8A03 Brian K Thompson 2409 S St SE
Washington, DC 20020
8A04 Troy Donte Prestwood
2317 16th Street SE Unit 101
Washington, DC 20020
8A05 Dorcas Agyei 1926 15th Street, SE
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 903-1261
8A06 Tyón Jones 1262 Talbert St SE #7A
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 815-1616
8A07 Hanna  Baker 1491 Howard Road SE
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 780-5504



MPD 7th District Police Station
Community Center
Alabama and McGee Streets, SE

Meeting Date: 3rd Tuesday, 7 pm


SMD Name Address Phone Email
8B01 Leonard Lee Watson Jr. 2437 Wagner Street SE
Washington, DC 20020
8B02 Paul Trantham 2345 Skyland Place SE #826
Washington, DC 20030
8B03 Charles H. Wilson 1808 Morris Road SE
Washington, DC 20020
(702) 626-2593
8B04 Darrell Danny Gaston 1618 Gainesville St SE
Washington, DC 20020
8B05 Betty Scippio 2740 Knox Terrace SE
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 415-0660
8B06 Humam Abdulmalik 3416 25th St SE #13
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 718-8435
8B07 Keeon Johnson
3574 Stanton Road SE
Washington, DC 20020



2730 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave
(R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center)

Meeting Date: 1st Wednesday, 6:30 pm


SMD Name Address Phone Email
8C01 Mike Austin
c/o RISE, 2730 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave SE
Washington, DC 20032

(202) 779-3904
8C02 Chyla D. Evans
Washington, DC 20020
8C03 Robinette Woodland c/o RISE, 2730 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave SE
Washington, DC 20032
(202) 854-9580
8C04 Regina Sharlita Pixley 211 Savannah St SE Apt A
Washington, DC 20032
8C05 Mustafa Abdul-Salaam 3825 South Capitol St SW
Washington, DC 20032
(240) 515-6447
8C06 Rhonda L. Edwards-Hines
1142 Sumner Road SE
Washington, DC 20020
8C07 Salim Adofo
PO Box 30564
Washington, DC 20032



Specialty Hospital of Washington
(4601 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SW)

Meeting Date: 4th Thursday, 7 pm


SMD Name Address Phone Email
8D01 Patricia Carmon 816 Southern Avenue SE #204
Washington, DC 20032
(202) 431-1699
8D02 Olivia L. Henderson
4612 6th Street SE
Washington, DC 20032
(202) 905-6818
8D03 Absalom Jordan 4335 4th Street SE
Washington, DC 20032
8D04 Monique T. Diop 4660 MLK Avenue SW
Washington DC 20032
8D05 Ellen Armstead 34 Galveston Place SW #1
Washington, DC 20032
8D06 LaVerne R. Glenn 4346 MLK Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20032
(202) 290-6698
8D07 Constance Mobley 19 Atlantic St SE
Washington, DC 20032



3400 Wheeler Road, SE
(Eagle Academy)

Meeting Date: 1st Monday, 7 pm


SMD Name Address Phone Email
8E01 Adeoye Owolewa 1430 Tobias Drive SE
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 860-0881
8E02 Cheryl Moore 1882 Alabama Ave SE
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 903-8733
8E03 Monica Watts 3225 23rd Street SE
Washington DC 20020
(202) 903-1440
8E04 Kendall Simmons 1313 Congress Street SE
Washington DC 20032
(202) 200-1340
8E05 Christopher L. Hawthorne 1922 Valley Ave SE
Washington DC 20032
(202) 425-0563
8E06 Karlene Armstead 559 Foxhall Place SE
Washington DC 20032
8E07 Stephen A. Slaughter
855 Barnaby Street SE
Washington, DC 20032
(202) 427-3044




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